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Want your logo verified in the inbox? Your email will need to comply with BIMI, VMC, DMARC & SPF standards. Sound complicated? Bimidex can help!

Validated Mark Certificate Log

Our first tool is a Validated Mark Certificate log search.
Free to search and explore - give it a try!

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Get your logo verified in the inbox

Show off your brand and get your transactional and marketing emails to the inbox. Stop phishing & impersonation. A platform to handle it all is coming soon.

Validated Mark Certificates
We aim to be the world's first dedicated VMC issuer. Our goal is to drive down the cost - because it's good for email.
BIMI Hosting
Free, reliable hosting of your Validated Mark Certificate, SVG Logo and BIMI records.
DMARC Monitoring
Proactive monitoring to ensure that your emails are making it to the inbox.
Automatic SPF
When paired with DMARC Reporting, Bimidex can automatically detect new senders and adjust your SPF records accordingly.

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